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Lecture 5

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School of Environment
Karen Ing

Env 200 lecture 5  Space and time diagram  “Deep time” is the existence of the earth itself  What happens this week is usually of more interest than what might happen in a grandchild’s lifetime o Also more of us are more concerned with our own fams than we are about the rest of the world when it comes to space and time  If something happens in 7 years in Rwanda we are unlikely to care more about that than our own issues like a tornado at home, unless we have fam in Rwanda o These thoughts have created road block to the solution of env problems  Stephen Gould categorized 4.5 billion years as deep time * o Deep time is difficult to understand because its outside our ordinary experience of thinking; we are used to thinking of things that are coming up in two week not in billion of years  The long now foundation; Danny Hillis o It hopes to provide counterpoint to todays faster/cheaper mind set and promote slower/better thinking o They hope to creatively foster responsibility in the framework of the next 10,000 years o They are trying to promote the “long now” not so much the nowadays nor the now which we refer to at times,  Now reps this week maybe this month st  Nowadays reps a century we normally say nowadays (ex: in the 21 cent. We do this.. etc) o The millennium clock; instead of having a tick every second he wanted to tick every 100 years and have a cuckoo that comes out on the millennium  Trying to understand “deep time” o Your life span is so small compared to the life span of the earth o If we really could condense 4.5 bill years into a single yr  Jan 1 00:00:00- the earth is a molten mass/ created  It takes a month for the earth to cool sufficiently for rocks to form  It takes another month for the oceans to accumulate, to set up the hydrologic cycle and for interactions between that was an acidic atmosphere and a basic lithosphere to neutralize the env  Mar 1-appearance of primitive, single celled life form(but the earth is still anaerobic, there is no oxygen in the atmosphere)  From mar-may primitive plants create sufficient oxygen in the atmosphere to allow formation of the ozone layer-creation of a two layered atmosphere (troposphere and stratosphere)which cuts off input of ionizing radiation  June 1 (50% of the earths lifetime has passed)when we enter the Precambrian pre life era  Aug 1 move into the Cambrian  Slide though the age of fishes, land plants, age of amphibians, insects and reptiles and birds  Dec 19 07% of the earths history is past when the dinosaurs go yet the extinction of the dinosaurs is about as far as back as most of us can even imagine (65 mill + years ago)  Humans appear on 31 dec at
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