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Env 200 lec 3 jan 17  Economic growth vs steady state economy o Steady state economy recognizes that economy growth has limits o Steady state economy; aims for stable or mildly fluctuation levels in pop and consumption of energy and materials. Birth rates equal death rates and saving/investment equals depreciation  Economic growth are always trying to have us make more money and  Steady economy says that we should aim for stable in our economic growth patterns in consumption etc  Sustainable consumption o Usuing goods and services for our basic needs o Minimizes use of resources and think about future generations o Elimination consumption overpopulation o Think about the poorer ppl o This will require major lifestyle changes   Another concept floating out there is voluntary simplicity o How should you live?  Should you be striving for monster home and furnish it o Material wealth no required for happiness o Instead of buying exotic foods think more locally and simply on how you eat so you don’t waste all these resources o Values and character importance  Do not believe that you have no power without wealth. Money cant buy you happiness o How can you make changes?  Sit back and see what ppl are trying to sell you  Does this sound sustainable? o Non renewable resources being rapidly depleted o Many renewable resources being used in a non-renewable way o Env pollution o human pop ^^  Tragedy of commons o First defined by garrett hardin in 1968 o Commons: available to everyone but no single individual has responsibly  No one owns the atmosphere or ocean and so bcuz of that the tragedy is short term individual gains trunks long terms env disasters  Ppl are trying to get as much of one resource as they possibility can before someone else comes and uses it more than o Tragedy: short term individual welfare trumps long term environmental sustainability o Problems: global warming, deforestation, threatened oceans, ozone depletion  These are all shared and common resources amongst everyone worldwide  Population dynamics is another way of saying population ecology o Its a branch of biology o Study of populations  Individuals of a particular species  How they respond to the env  Increase/decrease in number over time o How pop changes  Global scale: dependant on two things birth rate (b), and death rate (d) =growth rate (r)  R=b-d (in any particular time period) o This is on a global scale  Local populations changes is immigration (i) and emigration (e)  Growth rate= )birth rate + immigration rate) – (death rate +emigration rate) o Maximum pop growth  Aka biotic potential  Its the maximum rate at which pop can increase  It is determined by life history characteristics  How old you are, how much offspring you have etc  Ex: largest organism tend to have the smallest amount of biotic potential o you’re not going to get millions of blue whales on earth because it takes longer  ex: small organisms have the largest biotic potential because the bacteria grows rapidly and its easier than an animal/human o ex: after 10 hours we have nearly 10,000 cells  we get a J shape graph from this kind of increase because its always increasing  Exponential population growth o Optimal conditions o Constant reproductive rate o J-shaped curve  Env resistance o Unfavorable env conditions
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