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School of Environment
Karen Ing

January 17, 2013 Sustainable Development – economically successful, socially responsible and at the top, environmentally sound Economic Growth vs. Steady State Economy - Is it the economy vs. the environment? - Recognition that economic growth has limits - Aims for stable or mildly fluctuating levels in population and consumption energy and materials. Birth rates equal death rates, and saving/investment equals depreciation Sustainable consumption - Using goods and services for our basic needs - Minimizes use of resources, preserve for future generation - Eliminate consumption overpopulation - Will require major lifestyle changes Voluntary Simplicity - Material wealth not required for happiness - Values and character important – how can you make changes? Does this sound sustainable? - Non renewable resources being rapidly depleted - Many renewable resources being used in a nonrenewable way – timber, water, etc. - Environment being polluted - Human population increasing Tragedy of the Commons (p.34) - First defined by Garret Hardin in 1968 - Commons: available to everyone but no single individual has responsibility - Tragedy: short term individual welfare trumps long term environment sustainability Global environmental issues - Global warming - Threatened oceans - Deforestation - Ozone depletion Human Population
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