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ENV 221lec 5 y Deep ecology developed in 1970s by Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess all living things haveintrinsic value and that cuz were truly inseparable from our env y Ecofeminism evolve alongside social movmnts of the 60s and 70s such as civil rights and the feminist movementhate day of env movements connections betwn the oppression of nature and of women patriarchal society tends to try to dominate and conquer what they hate fear or dont understand y Env justice based on the principle that all pplregardless of race colour etc have the right to livework in cleanhealthy env receive protection from risks of env degradation compensated for having suffered such impacts have equitable access to env resources of high quality y Env policy policy that specifically pertains to human interactions with the env requires input from scn ethics and economics goalreduce pollu recycleprotect env and natural resources etc y Government the state and its admin goal peace order and good government y Policy formal set of plans and principles intend to
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