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Karen Ing

ENV 221H Lec 1 Scientific WorldviewSome people think sciencetech is the root of env problemsex green revolutionothers think it can solve the problemsadvanced techsScn is a way to understand the world and it uses a explicit approach to attain that understatingScn seeks to explain how things work involving only natural causesscn can only studied natural conduct it cant really study socialScn is a way of knowing thingsprocess of discoveryScn isnt absolute we just learn more about certain things as days or yrs goex today vitamin d is good tmrw it is bad because scn has attained more info on vitamin dNew studies will come out and disprove thingsScientific method1make observations 2form hypothesis 3 Experiments 4 Collect data 5 Interpret data 6conclusionScn cant be 100 accurate because of the changing in nature and there are many measurement errorsWhat drives scientific research MoneyCase Study Northern Cod Fisheries Collapsein 1992 cod collapsethe cod pop was os dense at this time in cndayou didnt even need specific tools to get the cod basket was enoughtoday some cods are extinctthe role of a fishery scientist is to develop info on biopop dynamics of fish
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