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Env lec 8 y Annual influenza estimated to affect515 of global pop cause severe illness in 35 mill ppl and 250500 mill deaths y Its is divided into subtypes based on two proteins on the surface of the virus the hemagglutininH and the neuraminidaseN 16 diff possibilities for H and 9 for Nex H3N1 and H1N1these are the most viruses youll gety Epidemic vs Pandemic WHO DEF epidemicoccurs when there are more cases of that disease than normal Pandemicworldwide epidemic of a disease higher than epidemic for it to be considered a pandemic it has to be an emergence of a disease to a pop that weve never been exposed to animals dont count its a disease based on humans agents infect humans causing serious illness and agents spread easily and sustainably among humans thy 20 cent Flu Pandemics spanish Flu19181919 influenza A H1N1 13 ppl were infected probably with 50100 mil deathscurrent annual flu typically impacts 515 340 mill1bil with 250500000 deaths y NovelSwine A H1N1april 2009 current subtypes of influenza A commonly found in ppl are influenza Ah1n
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