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School of Environment
Karen Ing

ENV Lec 6 y Silver and Nanotech silver inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi on clothing eg socks so i added to reduce odours and the risk of bacterial and fungal infection y Nanoparticles in general being a concern in household products silver nano particles suspected to be killing beneficial bacteria in wastewater treatment and soils y Nano Particles particles that have one dimension that is 100 nano matters or less in size have a greater surface area per weight than larger particles which may cause them to be more reactive to certain others molecules used or being evaluated ex medicine hazardous waste remediation and consumer products y Becaus of their size they can pass thru the areas in our bodies and because there so small nothing can really stop them can get thru lungs bloodstream respiratory or gastrointestinal protective mechanisms y Impacts on cosmetics allergeniccause allergies neurotoxinsdamages or destroys never tissue mutagensinduce or increase the frequency of mutation in an organism teratogenscauses malformation of an embryo or fetus carcinogenscancer causing agents endocrine
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