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Karen Ing

ENV LEC 7 y Emerging Health Threats large scale anthropogenic changes and interactions with the natural env ex climate change land use changes and altered ecosystems increasing densities globalization use of medications may act synergistically to alter exposure to infectious diseases and natural disasters but challenging to demonstrate direct connections between degraded env conditions and negative health outcomes y ENV change and infectious disease exposure changes in density or presence of disease related organisms changes in exposure pathways changes in the env resulting in genetic alternations changes in life cycle of vectors or pathogens changes in species composition of communities y Antibiotic and pesticide resistance reemergence of TB and malaria as infectious disease of concern WHY Natural selection and ability to evolve rapidly indiscriminate and over enthusiastic pesticide use increasing use of antibiotic in large scale feedlots we want to feed the rest of the world so the animals are put in a farm where farmers are putting in antibiotics in the animals food so they grow faster and then ppl eat the animal doctors always give u antibiotic
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