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Karen Ing

ENV LEC9 y NIMBYgd idea but not near me y Wicked problem involves stakeholders with differing perspectives recalcitrant undisciplined y Hazardous Waste Love canal in the 70s discovery of 21000 tons of toxics waste buried beneath neighbourhood of 36 square blocks in Niagara falls NY 1953 the hook chemical company covered the canal with earth and sold it to the city for 1 late 50s 100 homes and school were built there leakage detected in 70s kids returned from play with burs on their hands and faces puddles showed up in certain places in the community y The cleanup at the toxic waste site the nations most notorious took 21 yrs and cost close to 400mil y Sydney Tar Ponds located in Nova scotia toxic wastes poured off into nearby book and slowly collecting into an estuary that flows into Sydney harbour the ground water and surface water in the area seriously water in the area contaminated with arsenic and lead in water 700 000 tonnes of chemical waste and raw sewage 40 000 tonnes of which are PCBs y Today Sydney has one of the highest rates of cancer birth defects and miscarriages in cnda 400 millplan to solidify the toxic sludgey Env justice coined by first national ppl recognizi
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