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Sept 13 Lecture Notes - Environmental Science Disciplinary Lecture

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University of Toronto St. George
School of Environment
Karen Ing

Sept 13 – Environmental Science Disciplinary Lectures:  What are the disciplinary contributions to the study of the environment?  How does the discipline approach the study of environmental studies?  What does that person ask when approaching environmental issues? *conflict between how scientists communicate and how politicians communicate when discussing environmental issues Learning Objectives:  Develop understanding of what science is and what it is now  An appreciation of the holistic and integrative approach on environmental science  Challenges associated with environmental science  Because there are some facts and numbers that environmental science cannot attain and provide to politicians (who want numbers)  Appreciation on environmental science as foundational Many Ways to Approach Knowledge and Understanding of the World  Science uses an explicit way to try to understand the world  Science tries to explain HOW things work…studying ONLY natural causes  Studying only NATURAL phenomena vs. social constructs What is science?  Doesn't deal with things that don’t have the potential to be observed  Way of knowing  Process of discovery  Essence is CHANGE in ideas – it evolves – we build upon knowledge –in hopes to better understand how the world works Science Assumptions:  World is knowable  Universal patterns  Inductive reasoning: specific -> general  Change is knowledgeable is inevitable  If generalizations cannot be tested, then now a science statement can never provide absolute proof! Scientists should never say: I’m absolutely sure climate change is occurring Scientific Method:  Make observations  Formulate hypotheses  Design exp(s) to test hypothesis  Collect data  Interp
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