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University of Toronto St. George
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E N V221

September 27, 2012 Climate change math IPCC report  Observed changes in climate Bill McKibben presents data on climate change  2 degrees C limit to which temperature can rise before it becomes very difficult to live  565 Gigatons – the amount of carbon that can be put into the atmosphere before it becomes very difficult to live  2 795 Gigatons – the amount of carbon that fossil fuel industries have in their inventory  Countries that have fossil fuels have the desire to burn it or to sell it  “Public enemy number one”? o Blaming the fossil fuel companies for promoting and instilling a lifestyle choice that involves a high degree of fossil fuel consumption  350 parts per million was the carbon concentration in 1990s and now in August 2012 we are at 392 parts per million (on test) IPCC  International Panel on Climate Change  Leading international body for assessment of climate change  Established in 1988 by World Meteorological Organization and the United Nations Environment Programme  Purpose is to provide clear scientific view on current state of knowledge in climate change and its potential environmental and socio-economic impacts  The IPCC is a scientific body that reviews and assesses research, they do not conduct research themselves  Thousands of scientists from all over the world contribute to the work of IPCC on voluntary basis  Provides rigorous and balanced scientific information to decision makers, peer edited countless times and weed out extremist views  Policy-relevant and yet policy neutral – it does not make recommendations, does not prescribe to the countries what they should do, it is neutral in tone. Presents scientific information and policy makers decide what to do.  Never policy-prescriptive  First assessment report (FAR) – 1990  Second assessment report (SAR) – 1995  Third assessment report (TAR) – 2001  Fourth assessment report (AR4) – 2007 o 2500 + scientific expert reviewers o 800 + contributing authors o 450 + le
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