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University of Toronto St. George
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E N V221

October 16, 2012  In 2005 schwarzenegger indicated that climate change was no longer debatable  2006 Inconvenient Truth comes out  But recently progress has been stalled by climate deniers  Campaign of doubt-mongering tatics  Many Americans public accept the deniers allegations as true or at least are confused by them  Results  Stalls the process  Americans do not know who to trust  Science has been effectively undermined, which has eroded public support for the action needed to avoid the worst effects of global warming  Death threats to climate change scientist findings  Climate change threat to American way of life  Opposition to climate change is a belief system as central to American core values as freedom of expression and practice of religion  Endless abundance concept in US  But overall message of growing local and statewide bottom up approaches  Need to Reach “inflection point” Where development and events change the way people and organizations think and act  Bain – social psychologist in Australia  Number of deniers of anthropogenic climate change 1/3 or more in US and Australia  Previously thought give up trying to convince deniers and focus on how to promote behaviour changes in climate change believers  But now numbers too great to ignore  Cannot “convert” deniers  But concentrate on promoting societal benefits such as scientific and economic progress and making us more caring and considerate people reduce societal dysfunction. Ensuring prosperity for posterity  What are our obligations to future generations?  In using cost benefit analysis for decision making  What if benefits come
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