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University of Toronto St. George
School of Environment
Simon Appolloni

Planetary Boundaries Louisiana dead zones - no oxygen present o reason for this is purely anthropogenic *Boundaries exception; _____ppm Atmospheric Aerosol Loading - destroys cyclical patterns - monsoons in the south are necessary to support plant and agricultural life; aerosol makes this harder Hydrological Cycle - Green Water and the Blue Water are destroyed Ogallala Aquifer (natural storage of water) - spans 8 different states - now because the demand for water is growing. The aquifer is pumping out to much water Land Use Change - the best and fertile land in Ontario us being used to build condos, parking lots, and high rise building - because of this then, the first rate land is being used for bulidng while the second rate land s being given to farmer to farm o this land however is not fertile enough to sustain crops and the food that we need for our ever demanding population Biodiversity Loss - biodiversity is also struggling as a result th - currently, we are facing the 6 largest extinction in the world (last one was the dinosaurs) Chemical Pollution - Every time we drink water from Lake Ontario we are ingesting chemicals o When we try and clean the water we cannot get rid of all the c
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