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School of Environment
Geoffrey Mac Donald

ENV222: Jan 9, 2014. Analytical vs Prescriptive Arguments • Analytical arguments are framed by facts, while prescriptive arguments are framed by values. • Analytical arguments are framed into “are” or “is” statements, while prescriptive arguments are framed into “ought” statements. Arguments about what “is” the cause versus what “ought” to be done given the analytical argument. • In school we tend to focus on analytical arguments (empirical facts) where the rest of the world runs on prescriptive arguments (The news has a way of tying values to the empirical facts in order to judge what we should do). Carl Folke vs the Economist Magazine • Folke argues that the government can solve the issues and must intervene but with tinkering. • The economist (right wing liberal views) argues that the market with fix itself and vouches for less state intervention • Prof. MacDonald agrees with Folke however the market must also be involved in the solution thus we need to tackle changing both the state and the market economy in order to come up with a viable long term solution Environmental Problems are Tied to Human Problems • The two are interchangeable ie) poverty – the solution to poverty is also w
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