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School of Environment
Geoffrey Mac Donald

ENV222: Jan 14 , 2014. Interconnectedness Causes Problems • Problems of the environment and problems of the human world are intertwined and thus solutions are complicated and must address problems in both worlds. • Environmental problems alone are also highly interconnected and to truly solve the environmental problem as a whole is to address everything at once. • This is an issue because of the human tendency to organize our thoughts in actions by segmenting something that is vastly complicated and too large to handle at once. State Intervention • An organized body of authority meant to deal with such problems, however we ourselves detriment the ability of a state to act cohesively because again the human tendency in western society to covet freedom and to frown upon centralized power – so even the state is broken down into different compartments and various levels of control and power that impedes the speed and effectiveness of the decision making process regarding environmental issues. • This is exacerbated in global problems, because there is no higher level of authority to direct and govern nations towards solving global issues. Sustainable Development • Excuse to continue living as is, without paying the price • Prof. Macdonald supports the idea of this piecemeal approach, however if it is to lead to success then the state needs to exercise more vigorous authority over the market economy by raising its standards and ensuring cooperation. We need to be willing to pay more. Public Goods vs Common Pool
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