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School of Environment
Kenneth Mac Donald

ENV222 Winter term 2012 Jan 9 2012 Douglas MacdonaldSuggestions for writing the analytical papers1 Carefully review the evaluation criteria in the ENV222 syllabus page 3 since they will be used to evaluate your paper We will give approximately equal weight to each of the first four criteria and will give extra weight to the fifth analysis 2 Review the definitions of marks given on page 617 of the FAS 201011 Calendar in particular AExcellentStrong evidence of original thinking3 You have very little space 1000 words is about three pages at 15 spacing 12 size font in which to address two complex interconnected subjects This means your writing must be concise as well as clear Stick to your argument do not go off on tangents Remember there is a significant penalty for papers going over 1050 words 4 Structure each papers as follows introduction briefly state subject and purpose including the research questions you will address section giving factual data briefly describe your two subjects section giving analysis to answer research question 1 in the space available make an analytical argument based in data from readings and lectures section gi
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