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School of Environment
Geoffrey Mac Donald

ENV222Feb 2TechnologyLecture format1 Defining technologyFrom Jan 19 lecture notesP 160 means whereby humans use nature for their own benefitMachinesmeans of using them organizationP 107 enablerunderpins growth of population and per capita consumptionNote that Ehrlich and Ehrlich give a broader definition of technology p 110 as including the social economic and political arrangements that determine what is consumed how and by who for purposes of the ENV222 course we are using the narrower definition above machine plus organization and addressing the other factors as institutions anthropocentrism and power We are defining enabler as machineenergyexpanded human impact on nature particularly as previously noted with the Industrial Revolution access to fossilfuel energyEhrlich and Ehrlich also present technology as choosertechnology has a strong influence on social activities eg motor vehicle and lowdensity urbansprawl land use digital communication technologies which facilitate information spread and thus influence governance Arab spring Syria today2 Technology as cause of envir
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