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Feb 7 2012ENV222 InstitutionsLecture format complete Feb 2 technology lecture see those notes introduction of new technologies the special case of nuclear power to generate electricity problem or solutionInstitutions1 Defining the term used in social sciences differently from general use which defines institution as an organization eg the university social sciences define as rule or norm treated here as synonymous which influences behaviour can be codified formalized written down eg a law or not eg dress code for attending a university lecture2 Ways institutions influence behaviour of individuals or organizations because the rule has been internalized eg I obey the rule because I thinks I should because the rule is actively enforced eg police enforce speedlimit lawsNote the relationship to powerthe most effective form of power comes from internalization when active enforcement is not needed Power comes from the barrel of a gun but even more from the minds of the powerless 3 Institutions and environmentOur interest is in rules which do or do not influence behaviour which is environmentally destructive In large part this means we are interested in rules governing market behaviourextraction of raw materials production transport and sale of goods reader p 165 top rules of property exchange and re
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