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School of Environment
Mairi Mac Donald

ENV222 Feb 14 2012PowerLecture formatSubject the connection between power domination in Merchants terminology of humans over humans HH power and power of humans over the nonhuman HNH power world or nature nonhuman and nature are synonymous hereQuestions to be explored is there a connection does domination of human by human lead to domination of nature by humans if so how does that connection work why and how does HH power lead to HNH power That is how is HH power a cause of the environmental problem1 Merchant readingThis text is not the most accessible in the course reader so do not feel you need to fully master all details What follows is my understanding of the ways in which the different schools of thought discussed view the relationship between HH and HNH power Frankfurt School and critical theoryas humans developed a sense of self selfconsciousness they also developed a sense of separation from others and from nature alienation control of self reader p 204 Odysseuscontrol his animal instincts allows control of other humans and of nature alienation separation from nature is furthered by development of the empirical method scienceFrancis Bacon 15611626 which rests upon objectivity and the separation of the observer the human scientist and the observed nature and through prediction increases control over nature in large part through development of technologyGlobalizationMerchant uses the term as roughly synonymous with capitalism and neverending economic growth and focuses upon domination of the South developing countries third world by the North industrialized countrieswhich also involves environmental degradation population growth is part of the problempricing ecosystem services p 207 the argument from ecological economics that if we put a price on such things as water purification done by nature we would have more incentive to preserve naturethe price could be nominal calculate value even though no price is paid or actual the state charges for use of ecosystem services as is done in capandtrade air pollution regulation Feb 7 lecture an example of market as solution instead of problemDeep ecology as discussed Feb 9 lecture argues we need to end domination of nature by abandoning our view we are distinct from nature and have a moral right to dominate itSocial ecology Bookchin says human civilization as a form of social evolution is as natural as ecological evolution thus for him civilization per se is not the problem but instead the current form of civilization which consists of alienation and humanhuman domination Bookchin says nonhuman world depends upon cooperation not coercive power and argues humans should implement same principles1
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