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19 Apr 2012
ENV 222 Lecture 2: January 18/2011
(Relate to outline)
Major categories that are going to have impacts on the environment: agriculture, resource
extraction, mining, forestry, and fisheries.
Are we making an impact on nature right now (in the classroom) yes, because we are
using electricity, used transportation, drinking transported coffee, etc.
The case of energy: humans are having impacts on the environment, largely because we
have access to fossil fuel energy. As soon as you use fossil fuel energy, your supply
becomes stronger, however, it has large harmful effects on the environment.
Thursdays reading: climate change & biodiversity: you need to break them apart to find
solutions and causes. Again you’re having to add sub-categories.
Air pollution, change in atmosphere
Water pollution by toxins and infectious disease, runoff, increases in algae
Land taking away nature by paving on it, and land that is affect by agricultural
purposes, or that is harmed by urbanization / touched by human activity
Chronology of Causes and Impacts:
10,000-5,000 years ago:
- Development of agriculture
- Transition from nomadic to settled communities, development of human
organization and power relationships because there is a secure food supply
people will stay in one place. They are able to develop power relations within the
5,000 years ago 500 AD:
- Technological and cultural change allows development of empire, eg. Chinese,
Roman, and thus expansion of impacts
500 1400 (approx.)
- Feudal era, impacts largely static
- Development of empirical methods
- Access to fossil fuel energy (coal)
- Emergence of capitalism: goal of ever-increasing consumption
- Development of the state; expansion of organizational power
- The first emergence for concern for the environment
- Enormous expansion in population, and in concern for the environment
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