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University of Toronto St. George
School of Environment
Geoffrey Mac Donald

ENV222 January 13 2011Class theme How do we address the basic challengethe subject of environment is holistic everything is connected to everything else we need to see the whole as well as the parts but humans have to compartmentalize we can only do one thing at a timeThere is no part on earth that hasnt been disturbed by human activity Innerconnections of the causes population growth per capita consumptions patterns ecological footprints and new technology is a cause of the problem but also a solution The role of the sciences transformation from feudalism development of the empirical method sciences can be a cause of the problem but also solutionsCapitalismdominate mode of society never ending economic growth getting richer and richer is part of the problem along with justice and equity Cultural attitudesdomestically and at the global level Recommended readings If you get a chance this term I highly recommend you read two of the works referenced in the Soul and Press 1998 reading Nash 1967 and Worster 1994 If there is a canon those works are definitely included Nash 1967 change in our view of nature from historical times seeing nature as a threat it has to be dominated controlled which has evolved from seeing nature
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