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School of Environment
Geoffrey Mac Donald

Centre for Environment and Department of GeographyENV222H Interdisciplinary Environmental StudiesGGR222H Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Environment Winter term 2011Completion of March 1 lecture We spent a large portion of the course of the CAUSES of the ecological crisis Last week we developed an argumenthunter gatherer agriculture social power began to be something new Ultimately this rested on some sort of organization Structural power obeying those at the top the ability of those at the top to organize society This was expressed from 5000 years ago to about the renaissance military structureThree things happened1 The ejection of physical power into the human systems through technological changetied up with things with military power the key was the declaration of physical power with things such as the steam engine2 Organizational forms the state the origins of Europe basically the state is the expansion of the ruler over territory this depends on technological changes organizations changes We picture the power of the state is the Manhattan project of the Atomic bomb physical power and organizational power14 March 3 Understanding the interconnected dynamic of
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