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31 Mar 2011

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Thursday, March 31, 2011
Prof. D. MacDonald
Where do we go from here?
Todays reading - all of the detailed recommendations are not exam material
look at the picture of the 5 general areas and contrast w/ next reading
what should we do now? must talk about it in two different ways
what the private sector vs the environmentalist should do
Summary based on profs knowledge:
we are being successful in dealing w/toxic problems
stratosphere and ozone layer an e.g.
less successful: the phasing out of toxins in the environment - the basic question of chemicals
in our environment
toxic chemicals which are emitted to the air or water and thus are pollution vs toxins that are
valued b/c they are profitable or lethal
waste production
we need to think of solid waste from the level of extraction to consumption
in recycling we have been successful
we have been less successful in the other two Rs (reduce, reuse)
we need to try and expand changes in the economy to be reusable
the real answer is reduction but now we are going into a radical change due to the accepted
idea of consumption
energy efficiency
we have begun to improve
we have not used the instrument that is more logical: to increase the cost of electricity
we have not put a price on carbon
we have not made progress on fuel switching from fossil fuel b/c we are not able to offer a
cost incentive
there are beginnings here though which we can continue to further
resource consumption
forestry is a global issue - countries are making efforts to fund
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