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last of capitalism - Anthropocentrism P1

School of Environment
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Mairi Mac Donald

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Thursday February 17, 2011
Prof. MacDonald
Capitalism - cont
efficiency vs equity - two dominant themes
efficiency: how well we function
equity: a more equitable way to function
The Palgrave Reading
identity based on consumption moving down from the bourgeois
notion of consumption moving down until it comes all the way down
prof: skeptical that identity is a variable - motivational factor
whether the loss of identity from years ago is still valid is up for debate
Intriguing: the real problem are these deep seeded views of the world
unexamined assumptions that are therefore a problem b/c they are unexamined
anthropocentrism: two separate components
the separation from the human and the non-human
the domination of the non-human
deep ecology: is it possible for us to escape an anthropocentric view?
do all species have a self-interested view of the world? (do they all think that the universe
revolves only around them?)
the definition of the environment is that which is outside of yourself
self-interest isvery important to me
Illustration of the concept of separation vs domination
excerpt from an Arthur Ransome storyWinter Holiday:
the idea of human nomination of nature
looking at the stars and contemplating the idea that we are smaller than the universe brings
about the idea that we are dominated by nature
he is no longer subject to nature
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