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Thursday, January 13, 2011
Prof. MacDonald
Universalism: includes so much that it doesnt really include anything, thus it cant be
considered a discipline
this course has universal themes
theme of course: subject matter of environmental studies as a problem. It seems to be holistic
and interrelated
we have realized that we run up against the limitations of the human minds that can specialize
and deal in only one area
expansion in terms of areas of human activity - the basic problem for environmental studies
Historical overview
terms to know:
anthropocentrism: humans are the top dog
conservation: anthropocentric view that we are managing resources
ecocentrism: view that instead of humans being on top, humans and species are on the same
plane; willing to recognize the same moral worth of other species
preserving: saving for the benefit of nature
Sustainable development is thoroughly anthropocentric
deep ecology: ecocentric view; associated with Ness. This is the the radical view vs the main
stream view (of anthropocentrism)
Early 19th century - 1820: moral concern was the dog or the horse; concern for domesticated
animals only; one species only
later on the concern emerged for the loss of resources: in North America the extinction of
american bison; messenger pigeon; concern that the resources that might affect humans might be
depleted thus concerns began to arise
pollution concern: urban i.e. sewage/sanitation
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