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School of Environment
Mairi Mac Donald

Tuesday, January 25, 2011 Prof. MacDonald ENV222H1 POPULATION GROWTH Assignment pay attention to analysis to get a good mark. 300 words does not include references (course readers and maybe others). We are asking you to develop an argument on one side or the other. they are interconnected - note those connections but take a side. written in formal academic language: adopt a tone of neutrality. Avoid rhetorical, colloquial wow its so amazing. Make your argument by way of evidence not emotion references in any style subscription of space: a skill we need to learn - how to write concisely. Forces us to really think through what the most important part of it is let the paper run its course, let it sync in for 24hrs and then come back to edit footnotes, etc. any style Population growth: why is this happening? We are expanding the i
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