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Tuesday, April 5, 2011
Prof. MacDonald
Format of final exam
student announcement: Parks Canada 100th year anniversary
discovery world HD Canada Parks celebration
website nationalparksproject.ca
50 marks for each part
1st park 50 Scantron questions - 2 marks each (2 mins for each)
essay questions: 2nd part
asked to write two essay-type questions out of a list of possible 3
questions will allow you to explore analytical themes of the course
full sentences and to write in a regular essay-type format
1 sentence summary thesis
recommend section headings
marks will come for showing familiarity w/course material
marks for quality of analysis
have one clear argument that you are making and develop it
Sets of multiple choice questions
How did we define technology in this course
D: the physical entity plus the system such as factory system coupled w/changes in the
actual machinery
Industrial revolution defined as
D: new methods of organization for producing goods
empirical method and science is part of the solution and the problem. Use definition given in
the answer
construct a credible argument supported by facts - reference readings and lectures
for questions like these there is no absolute right or wrong answer
know the name of the author, date if you can
if you refer to lecture refer to title/subject of lecture
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