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University of Toronto St. George
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Helene Cyr

October 22 notes World Floricities and Vegetation How doe the Flora and vegetation of Ontario fit into Worldwide? Vegetation Zonation in Canada show both longtitudinal and latitudinal effects Latitudinal distribution (slide 4) Doesn’t reflect the distribution limits of particular species Boundaries are fluid As you travel around the world there are two things that vary: 1. Different plants and animals 2. Way the plants look in different parts of the world Difference between flora and vegetation? Floristic map very different from vegetation map *disjunction Fauna animals Biota plants and animals + microorganisms (fungi, bacteria, single celled protozoa etc) Populations are aggregates of a single species in a particular space What explains this Zonation? It could be an accident of history of it might reflect our present environment - Plants have occupied the whole of Ontario for only the last 10,000 years (not a lot of time) - Beginning of the Holocene/start of agriculture in the middle east Could differential migration rates among tree species be responsible? Record of wind pollinated trees, mostly Change with time trees migrating Doesn’t look like migration is going on in( our part of the world) With the exception of the last 50-100 years (migration of species northwards, flowering sooner migration starting again, but it is an isolated event) probably due to human influences Kanoo, Manitoba, Saskatchewan was entirely underwater- doesn’t effect Ontario distribution Going back even further
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