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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto St. George
School of Environment
Helene Cyr

Cyr Lecture 3 Aral Sea, Global water issues Due to hydrological system, a lot of water is stuck Oceans are not directly accessible The distribution of freshwater is not equivalent. Natural ecosystems affected by water movements Aral seas started draining to the point that different parts of the lake have separated Aral Sea depleting affected the climate as well, more continental, colder winters, hotter summers Soil salination, irrigate (concentrated salt, there fore nothing can grow there) Land can not be productive th Water diversion in the great lakes major diversions, Chicago diversions in the mid 19 century created a direct link the great lakes and the Mississippi drainage basin Built for sanitary purposes Connected to water basins (Opens way invaders) Asian Carp They went into the Mississippi scared by the boats; they would jump out of water and are very large They can cause damage Don’t know how this affects the great lakes - Would change the food web - Electric gates were added - Some fishes jumped over the barrier At least one or more made it past the barrier - Haven’t found the fish Talks about closing the canal Carp introduced agriculture Canada has 9% of all the renewable water of the world (A lot of it travels North) There have been schemes to try to change the direction of the water flow of water to seel the water to the US - Very costly process - Today would cost more - As pressure builds people will be willing to pay more for water Quebec proposed dam the James Bay by making the river flow backwards (never done) Other options to get fresh water: - Desalination (sea water reverse osmosis) People need freshwater We are using more than ½ of what is a valuable We need to be careful on how we use ground water b/c we are using it at an unsustainable rate Microbes are so much more important We need decomposers - Ecosystems would stop without them - Metabolic diversity - Involved key processes in the functioning of the biosphere - Live in a really wide range of habitats Function of the ecosystem Microbes are so much more important in ecosystems No fungi/no bacteria, they would pile up Dead leave pile up, trees get no nutrients to grow There is nothing helping dead organic matter decompose to allow new organic matter to live Don’t know how many types of microbes there are in the world Genetically they are very mobile Functionally they are diverse And are apart of a lot of important functions in the ecosystem We find them in some weird as hell ecosystems The diversity is astounding!! They reproduce very quickly so they evolve quickly They are very small and have large SA:V ratio - Extremely efficient Biomass Bacteria are the large biomass In terms of abundance Viruse
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