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Paul Muldoon

Lecture 2 -A General Discussion of Law The concept of Law in Society  Law o Different from Molarity and Ethics  Believe/ Follow personally  Person o Natural Person o Artificial Person (Corporation) Rule of Law  Govern us and made by some authorities  Art Society believe it is important to create law that is legitimate, we/society will live by the rules o Those rules binds together the society  Created by the will of people, may/not relate to your molarity o E.g. abortion – the law will not debate what is the ethics of it o What is their definition? What is the legal definition? Religious Issues? Scientific? Who is Subject to Law?  Base on concept of a person; fictions (artificial persons) most of the laws does not distinguish between natural/ artificial person o Limited liability  Capacity (not all natural person has capacity – age, society hire lawyer to sue their infants, parents, mental illness) o They may not have the ability to sue you Law  Common Law o British tradition o Co-principles of law that are not out there flowing around right now o ought  Statute  Constitution o Federal (Parliament) o Province (prov. Legislation) o Laws that are passed by democratically erected federal and provincia
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