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Canadian Environmental Assessment Act  Federal Model – Self assessment model, trigger federal involvement  Screening  no Env impact, end  Yes Env impact, send to the panel Ontario Process – The Ontario Environmental Assessment Act Full ENV Assessment (1975) Streamlined EA (1999) 1. Needed 2. Alternate to means 3. Mitigation Class EA Environmental Screening TOR (Terms of Reference) Assessment – Transit, Waste and Electricity Draft EA Government Review  Public Input Final Submission Minister Decision ERT – Environmental Review tribunal (not sure whether it will induce a huge impact or not) Hearings  Decision Full Environmental Assessment for major project; others are replaced by streamlined EA Class EA: generic EA done for categories of projects  Municipal Road Construction – under class assessment – 10 areas I. Small and routine  Not a single project but a type of project, environmental assessment are being done only once  If the municipality fulfil the criteria in the EA, the pass the Environmental Assessment  Once is done (Stats), you create the structure you can never deal with it again Environmental Screening Assessment  Transit, Waste, Electricity  E.g. Project A (NO EA) B (ESA) C (Full EA) Trans Line (miles) <115 >115 - <500 >500  Purpose: accelerate efficiency of project I. Project Classification II. Screening 1. Public Notice – project description 2. Criteria screening  Yes – identify the effect and draft response to the effect III. Screening Report  Public has the right to review and comments IV. Approval - Environmental Review requested from the public sector (one to justify their reas V. ons)  “Elevation request” – Screening  Full Environmental Assessment  Specific studies to deal with issues raised VI. Ent’l Review Report  Commented on the issued raised Federal VS Ontario  They operated independently  Gives the opportunity to co-ordinate assessments  Ontario – open for the public (panel and public review), both projects and programs, regime apply broadly  Federal – process with requires formal approval; only applies to physical projects, regime: very specific and apply narrow Environmental Legislation Voluntary abatement Standard-Setting  Approvals Compliance Mandatory abatement (Government Automatic Appeals 1. Technology Orders)  ERT Based Standards 2. Ambient/ ERT Enforcement (prosecution)  Court Concentration based Certificate of Approval  3. Risk Assessment Environmental Compliance Approval 4. Pollution Other names : Prevention  Guidelines  Objectives  Criteria  Standards  Another component of Environmental Law  Prohibitaory - no one shall emit any contaminate to the environment unless you have an approval/permit  Approval – enforcement, just like a piece of legislati
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