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Lecture 3

SLA100H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Theurgy, Judah Loew Ben Bezalel, Maisel Synagogue

Slavic Languages and Literatures
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Veronika Ambros

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Lecture 3
Tuesday AH424 Tuesday at 12:00
1:30 how to write a paper AH 405
Paul Wegner
Expressionism: not the characteristics there was a state of mind
Not seeing individuals
Important about the movie
Set were very important sets represented what was in the story
Evoking a certain atmosphere
In Rossenberg: the rabbi lowe is Sherlock Holmes
Here he is the center figure of the town
Grimm: crushes the creator
Think about robots and golem: think about moral issues about the
Fabula: story about what is happening
Sujet: plot: how it happening
The plot relying on the acting
Story that is not relying on the acting: 1st story: nothing to do with
Golem represents a transgression against the Biblical prohibition to make
an image
It has without past and no future
Paul Wegner: was convinced the camera eye per se was far more capable
than the novel or theater of rending the vision of the fantastic
Huge production, acting, set design: Wegener development: space
Change points of view to divide the screen, change point of view and
creating strange mixture of reality
Variation of sorcerer apprentice
1908 Holitscher wrote a play: in berlin he went with a play that he
researched “the Golem”
Paul Wegener did not act in the play: did not want the stand motionless
Holischer sued Wegner Interesting how wide spread the notion was
cannot claim originally
Image: “the scream
Expressionism: not objective reality but rather than subjective emotions
and responses that objects and events arouse within a person.
Accomplishes this aim through distortion, exaggeration and fantasy
In which natural and fictional world: Dolczel
Golem: object
Unpredictability of an actor
Theme of metamorphosis: transformation moves to the centre of
attention of many artists at the beginning of 20th century
Golems and robots: important: hair is unnatural
Has Poelzig: created an atmosphere in which the golem breathes
Made in 1920s end of the 1st world war
Political unrest: blamed for everything: inflation
Time of complex destruction: You can escape -> fanasty images
Prague is beautiful city
Maisel Synagogue: Dwarfs story
Old new synagogue: Maiselova oldest syngogue
1906 and today: Jewish clock
Golem of prague: golem is hidden there
How difficult it is to discuss the Rabbi Loew and golem
Theatre for Max Reinhardt: resembles the set in the movie
Title suggests there is a historical source such as a chronicle
Hugo Steiner-Prag 1915: image and not the novel itself
Light and darkness play a role important talks about photography
Talking about a horror movie Faust: the way golem was created
Low: is also an artist
Rabbi Low: chiaroscuro: 3-D light effect
Important in terms of the movie
Aemh: the 1st image not in Hebrew becomes the name, holy truth which
brings the golem to life
Closed in the ghetto: not wearing any head
Golem animated statue
People in amour in a masks
Miriam appears as a doll
Deutsch was the assistant of the Rabbi: means helper: chance helper
Florian: normal name
You have represented of names functions
Golem is the object of curiosity focused on as the viewers
The jester is watching and laughing and it is mass entertainment
Important that there is a confrontation, different source of light using
pointed head
Image of Prague: typical image disorted view, blurred image of the
Ekphrasis in Kirasek: have Jews come from the desert
Experiment film in a film: mast scene used as comic relief
Light as something positive; Proof of magic power
See the horror in their faces from changes in entertainment
Confrontation between Jewish part
Virgin Mary appeared in the movie: contrast between human being and
Bridge connects the two towns
White horse: symbol of “idol”
Golem is watching the statue
Notion that it is anti-semitic
About others are potrayed
Rabbi Loew as a scientist: leads him to scientific knowledge after Einstein
technology developed
Rabbi Loew is magician and scientist
Wrote about golems: Weiner
Hat marks him as a magician, witches “Otherness”
Alluring daughter; prejudice about the Jewish people
Dark hair vs. blonde child
He is holding a chauffeur major Jewish festival “otherness”
Stairs are going up and down sign of heaven and the Earth
Theurgy: art or technique of persuading god or different supernatural
Golem rescues the emperor
Created the golem to rescue the Jews to show off to the emperor
Two different stages: creation for a purpose individuality and to protect
the Jews
Becomes a killer monster: King Kong similar
Throwing from the tower
Golem becomes a weapon and not a tool