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University of Toronto St. George
Slavic Languages and Literatures
Veronika Ambros

Lecture 2: SLA103 Legends: Imagined Past of Familiar Places Forgeries and copyright Golem Tom. Audio visual B Library  Details and what role it plays  Praha: town: we don’t know where the term came from  Elements of the fairytale Copyright  End of the 19 century established in Switzerland  Property of the author: “his work”  Golems do not speak  Artificial creatures  Rooted in 19 century enlightment period Bible  Golmi unformed matter not a creature  Explaining reality using diff. narratives Talmud  Jewish law different interpretations of the law Homuluculus  Artificial human beings  Goethe: man makes deal with the devil in exchange for knowledge: play Western Svankmajer  Homuluculs is created becomes a buy  Sylph: importance of soul  Golem does not have a soul  Paracelsus: how to create man  Lived in 16 century created the golem  Science is art  Different notation of what we have now in terms of scientific understanding Grimm  Journal from Arnim: note goes back to the 1 mention of golems  Mentioning done by non Jews: coming from outside  Using camera obsura: projection of which makes the room black  Scientific creation: puppets periods of enlightenment: different types of artificial creations  Sandman: puppet: Olimpia: beautiful and funny ideal conservational partner for a man who wants to listen to himself: used in Freud example of the example of the uncanny: not a golem not magic used  Frankenstein: at the same time: no magic made up of dead bodies not a golem  How they talk about the voices and points of view (how to watch movies)  Servant: made for a “purpose”  Scientific experiment  Auerbach: 1 story we read  No golems in the attic Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm  Collecting folk tales and songs created German language  READ 1808 Jakob Grimm  Remember the note  golem is not capitalized it is a species not an individual  Purpose servant: never leave the house  golem becomes bigger each day  Jewish magic: power of language and writing is stressed  Stereotypes about Jewish people  N
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