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Slavic Languages and Literatures
Veronika Ambros

Lecture 3 Tuesday AH424 Tuesday at 12:00 1:30 how to write a paper AH 405 • Paul Wegner • Expressionism: not the characteristics there was a state of mind • Not seeing individuals • Amour • Important about the movie • Set were very important sets represented what was in the story • Evoking a certain atmosphere • In Rossenberg: the rabbi lowe is Sherlock Holmes • Here he is the center figure of the town • Grimm: crushes the creator • Think about robots and golem: think about moral issues about the creation • Fabula: story about what is happening • Sujet: plot: how it happening • The plot relying on the acting • Story that is not relying on the acting: 1st story: nothing to do with rossenberg • Golem represents a transgression against the Biblical prohibition to make an image • It has without past and no future • Paul Wegner: was convinced the camera eye per se was far more capable than the novel or theater of rending the vision of the fantastic • Huge production, acting, set design: Wegener development: space • Change points of view to divide the screen, change point of view and creating strange mixture of reality • Variation of sorcerer apprentice • 1908 Holitscher wrote a play: in berlin he went with a play that he researched “the Golem” • Paul Wegener did not act in the play: did not want the stand motionless • Holischer sued Wegner Interesting how wide spread the notion was cannot claim originally • Image: “the scream • Expressionism: not objective reality but rather than subjective emotions and responses that objects and events arouse within a person. Accomplishes this aim through distortion, exaggeration and fantasy • In which natural and fictional world: Dolczel • Golem: object • Unpredictability of an actor • Theme of metamorphosis: transformation moves to the centre of attention of many artists at the beginning of 20thcentury • Golems and robots: important: hair is unnatural • Has Poelzig: created an atmosphere in which the golem breathes • Made in 1920s end of the 1st world war • Political unrest: blamed for everything: inflation • Time of complex destruction: You can escape -> fanasty images • Prague is beautiful city • Maisel Synagogue: Dwarfs story • Old new synagogue: Maiselova oldest syngogue • 1906 and today: Jewish clock • Golem of prague: golem is hidden there • How difficult it is to discuss the Rabbi Loew and golem • Theatre for Max Reinhardt: resembles the set in the movie • Title suggests there is a historical source such as a chronicle • Hugo Steiner-Prag 1915: image and not the novel itself • Light and darkness play a role important talks about photography • Talking about a horror movie Faust: the way golem was created • Low: is also an artist • Rabbi Low: chiaroscuro: 3-D light effect • Important in terms of the
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