SLA103 Lecture Four

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Slavic Languages and Literatures
Veronika Ambros

30 January 2012Testnext week y 15 questions multiple choice y Terms on powerpointscheck Blackboard y Do not need to memorize datesDer Sandmann y Story told to children for generations in the former GDR German Democratic Republica popular television character y Nathaniel is human yet insanedevelopment of insanity in prose y Olympia is presented as human beingintroduction of the double as she is not human she is a doll or puppetspeaks but is not intelligentcomical different from Frankenstein as she is animate only because of mechanismshe cannot thinkspeakfeel for herself Fs Monster canrelationships with creators are different Fs Monster created for an experiment and Olympia is created to prove that it can be doneis treated as if she is the daughter Olympia is created by two cooperating creators Fs Monster is created by one y Clara is human and has feelings though at one point Nathaniel accuses her of being
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