SLA104H1 Lecture 3: SLA104 Lecture 3

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Slavic Languages and Literatures
Davor Piskac

Essay Writing Tips • Pick only the facts that you can back up with research • You may choose between o Descriptive/critic topics o Topics based on hypothesis ▪ Must declare it in the beginning • Marks: B+ Description o Select a topic o Select the dominant details o Organize details o Proof the details with sources o Make your own critic/observations o Make a logical conclusion • B+ Hypothesis o Have an innovative and original thesis ▪ Must prove your hypothesis at the end of your essay from (with) scientific sources ▪ If you do not prove your hypothesis, you will miss the point (and mark) o Use scientific sources ▪ Articles/ published book w sci. references • Structure o Confirm hypothesis at the end Include works cited page Sources • Books in syllabus • Any other legitimate sources • Must be online source or evaluated scientific sources with known author o SCHOLARLY • Toronto Uni Press • Use definitions, classification, compare and contrast, cause and effect • DO NOT use rhetorical questions, write in first person, or conduct a debate • All allegation, quote, paraphrasing must be available in text o Family name, year, pages\ o Last name, name (year), pages • Journal Final Exam • Read thematic text o Mediterranean a cultural landscape o Find key words and use key words in your essay ▪ Underline them o “History provides the evidence of peoples that made their way… everything they knew about it”. • Examples o Which nations belong to Illyrians and Liburnians o Greeks and Illyrians have met on the Adriatic Sea o Explain how Romans influenced the Illyrians • Read the guidelines • Write an essay • Extend answer with your own knowledge Ancient Greece • Minoan and Mycenaean: earliest civilizations • Minoan 2000-1470 BCE o Cretan hieroglyphic o Could not be read today • Mycenaean 1700-1100 BCE o Home of Agamemnon ▪ Trojan War story o Linear B script o Invention of the Greek language • Grave circle A, ca. 1700 BCE o Preserving history o Telling stories about ourselves o Gold mask ▪ Same upholding as wax ▪ Reflects light well ▪ Sacred objects bring us light • Lion gate of Mycenae o Archetype of lion ▪ From Persia, (Asia), Africa ▪ Circulated • Greek Civ: Hellas and Hellenism o Hellas: Greek word for Greece o Homer uses the word Danaoi o Ideas about gov and pol o Art, architecture o Concept of democracy o History as a discipline o A sense of identity • 1200-800BCE o Development of rich mythic culture of Greek word o C. 800 BCE Iliad and Odyssey ▪ Myths teaching us life lessons ▪ Strength of the myth: emotion, STORYTELLING Rising of Greek civ • Accepted influences from their own contacts with others • Also, transformed ideas and techniques in their own Greek way o Arabic numbers Greek colonies • Southern Italy • Sicily • Coast of Black sea • Crimean Peninsula… etc. Questions on identity • Individual o Language o Independent cities, polis, with its own measures, armies, laws
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