SLA104H1 Lecture 7: SLA104 Lecture 7

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Slavic Languages and Literatures
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Davor Piskac

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SLA104 Essay example • Clear hypothesis • Disease transmission • Work and days, Xenothon’s economy • Typhoid, TB • Exchange of diseases via the forum o And the amphitheatre • The aqueducts Recap of Venice • Republic • Aristocracy • Trading • Power • Relations w Byzantium Dubrovnik: The Ragusan Republic • Republic since late middle ages • Why is it an advantage to build a city on the sea? o Transportation, ships were safe there Main street, Stradum • Important for traders o Marketplace • Roman structure • Use of standard measurements for trading Sponza palace • Veniceetian style and influence • Turkish influence • Greek influence Dubrovnik in the Mediterranean • As shown on map • Location was crucial History of Dubrovnik • Founding of Dubrovnik o City was steep—why was that good? ▪ Hygienic purposes. The rain would clean the city o Natural harbour Epidaurum/Epidaurus • Settlement of refugees o Ottoman empire • Epidaurum perished in an earthquake o 4 century th • Greeks founded Epidaurum again in 7 century BC • Roman Epidaurus is well known for trade o Center in the Roman empire Refugees • From Epidaurus o Established a settlement From Epi. To Ragusa • Roman settlement Epi. th • 7 century epidaur. Attacked Ragusa and Dubrovnik • Refugees fled north • Called Dub. In 12 century o Origins: Dubrava, meaning woods • Loss of oak trees o Cut down to make ships ▪ Needed 3,000 trees to make 1 caraca o Forest fires th 9 century • Dub. Was already a fortified town • Able to endure a 15 month siege by the Saracens • The town stayed under Byzantine rule until the end of the 19 century Rulers and Enemies • Byzantine • Venice • Hungro-Croatian kingdom • Otto empire Diplomatic skills • Dub. Importance was realized by both Venice and Byzantium • Venice considered Dub. To be a strong competitor o Esp on sea • Byz. Managed to control maritime traffic from Dub. Port • Under the two powers, Dub. Was able to show its diplomatic skills Byz. And Venice th • Ruled in Dub. Until the 13 century • Byz. Did not limit the trad
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