SLA104H1 Lecture 9: SLA104 Lecture 9

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Slavic Languages and Literatures
Davor Piskac

Lecture 9 Recap: Istria • The Kazun o Dating from prehistory o Drystone shelters o 5,000 in Istria Vernacular Architecture • Kazun village o Circular form Roman heritage • In Pula Roman colonies of veterans • Founded as a colony for Roman army veterans in 44 BCE • Founders o Gaius Cassius Longinus and Lucius Calpurnius Piso • Hercul’s Gata o Pula, 44 BE Pula-Pola • Largest city in Istria • Pop 59,000 Pola in Greek times • Polai 3 century • Greek poet Callimachus • The myth of Jason and Medea • People who were searching for them settled in the upper Adriatic • Illiric tribe • The language is Polai • Historical fact: Greek pottery was found • Statue representing Apollo Jason and Medeia Why did ancient Greeks draw on vases? • No paper, easier to preserve • HABIT o Constant repetition, belief will become stronger Rome • The beginning of Roman Domination 177BCE • Civil wars in Rome reflected in Pola • Augustus transformed Pula into an imperial city • Augustus temple th • Amphitheatre was built (6 largest in the world) o Why is the amphitheatre important to the Roman culture? o Learning of new cultures o Stimulate the economy o Keep them entertained and distracted ▪ Maintaining the peace o Centre of power o Architecture as a weapon Byz and Croatia • In 5 century the West Roman empire collapsed • Pula fell under the rule of Ostrogoths • Jurisdiction of the eastern Roman empire • 6 cent o Croats start to conquer Istria and Pola Croats in Istria • Istria became part of Feudal state • Charles the great • Intensive colonization of Croats • From13th cent o Istria became very important for Croat culture • Frist dictionary • Written in Latin, German and Croatian • Oldest Croat alphabet o Glagolijica Baska Tablet • 1100 CE • Glagolitic writing Importance • The oldest known document in which the Croatian name is written in the Croatian language • Having their own identity King Zvonimir • King of Croatia 1075-1089 • Vassal of the pope, his reign is characterized as peaceful • Economic and cultural development • Last nat
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