SMC300 Cheat Sheet - Week 2

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12 Apr 2012
Week 2 - Key Attributes of SNS
SOPA & problems, doesn’t do what it proposes but gives more threats
in the past, illegal to SELL mixtapes, but legal to share with friends
DMCA tries to prevent copying simply via tactical means
SOPA threat is treating consumers as thieves, policing and controlling freedom of
expression; not merely American issue
Shirky: we are living in the middle of a remarkable increase in our ability to share,
cooperate, take collective action, all outside the framework of traditional institutions
and organizations
lifeblood of internet is direct target of SOPA (posting comment, creating entry, blogging,
posting or reading, open source...)
DMCA provides safe harbor for online content hosts, avoid copyright liability by
following procedures (i.e. removing infringing content)
consequences of copyright infringement would be harsher, sites banished
criticisms: defined in sweeping terms (corporate biased)
risk of which hunt mentality on caution... shut down sites, forums
ability to share and engage social and culture outside framework of traditional
boyd & Ellison’s definition of SNS
2007 already 100s of SNS, supporting wide range of interests
definition: web-based services that allow individuals to 1) construct public or semi-
public profile within a bounded system, 2) articulate list of other users with whom they
share a connection, and 3) view and traverse their list of connection and those made by
others within the system
network: not ntwking (emphasizes relationship initiation often between strangers),
while netwking possible on sites, not primary practice and doesn’t differentiate them
from other computer-mediated comm
argue truly unique characteristic of SNS is that contain articulated social ntwks, enable
users to articulate and make social ntwks visible
common features
profiles: unique pages featuring personal information about user, descriptions, photos,
tastes, self-presentation (perf) and impression mgt
backbone of SNS = profile
friends: articulated list identifying relationship with others in system, many bi-
directional (confirming friendship), others not (followers)
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Key: public displays of connection and friendship performance
comments (webmail): mechanisms enabling users to leave messages and post content
on profile
private messaging (not universally available)
online social networking: something occurring across contexts, platforms, diverse
forms of online practice/activity
not considered SNS: content sharing sites (YouTube, ThisisMyJam)
posting/reposting, commenting, liking, friending, profiles, traces/views
content creation sites (DeviantArt, Scratch)
posting/remixing collab, liking/hearting, groups, profile/portfolios
multiplayer games/ntwks (PSN, xbox, MMOGS, Farmville)
communication, profiles, networking residues, hierarchies of access
Shirky: SNS enable groups to organize without hierarchies and systems that enable
traditional organizations to function (coordinate large groups, effective multitask); idea
of limiting comm so only flow from one layer to next was part of very design of system
at dawn of managerial culture
Flickr post-managerial organization; simply platforms, whatever coordination comes
from users and projected onto site
large scale coordination now can be achieved at low cost
group undertaking as progression, ladder of activity
higher up ladder, deeper engagement, higher difficulty in achieving
sharing: fewest demand on participant, largely individual
cooperation: changing behavior to synchro with others ; conversation, give and take;
higher level = collaborative production, participation involves co authoring; no one
person can take credit for created
collective action: most difficult, requires committed group to particular effort, decision
which is binding, shared responsibility and identity, cohesion critical
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