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Lecture 9

SOC201H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Mass Marketing, Benjamin Barber, Asceticism

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What happened to the Protestant Ethnic: Answers from Two American Scholars
1. Daniel Bell, The cultural Contradictions of Capitalism (1976)
Rural and small-town America
The honor of working hard
Lack of the seriousness?. .
Self-deny, self-displig…
Elite change in the early 20th century
Disappearing among the elite
Substitution of self
Replace by . The road to god is with Self-expression and go on with
Mass marketing follows from the 1920s on
All sorts of inventions are made, that help consumer own
Apply to make peoples life easier, such as washing machine, small
New invention, marketing, ads
Ads create the demands for the new products
Ads change wants into needs
Create buying on credit
Asceticism 苦行主义 vs. Hedonism 享乐主
Hedonism: seek for pleasure
Quote from bell in American, the old .. Monday basic patterndefine
doing as .. redefied…culture became how to spend and joy..
A dwindling (decreasing) of morality: nothing is sacred, America is losing its
In life, we all met challenges
2. Benjamin Barber, Consumed: How Markets Corrupt Children, Infantilize Adult, and
Swallow Citizens Whole (2007)
Protestant Ethic still alive in America: to work hard is to be good
Even shopping treating like a work of Aerica…..
But now also a new gospel of consumption: spending is holy
Ads, the messages of tv shows.
This gospel robs children of their childhood and adults of their adulthood
Children been increasing target by the ads
we used to think the children is innocent, but the company is target the
younger children and when they become consumer, their innocent is
the corporation is the classroom
too early become the consumer is make children hard to think
themselves as an citizens rather than consumers
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