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Quantitative sociology intro

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Scott Schieman

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Quantitative Methods SOC202H1S
January 10, 2012
Science and the Research Process
Science: a systematic method of explaining empirical (observable/measurable)
The research process:
Specify the research question
Review the scientific literature
Propose a theory and state hypotheses
Select a research design
Collect the data
Analyze the data and draw conclusions
Disseminate the results.
Statistical imagination
Comparison of how unusual an event is to other similar events
Causes and consequences: thinking of cause and effect
A deep curiosity about SOCIAL PATTERNS(relationships between variables
Prediction, probabilistic thinking, inference
A measurable phenomenon that varies (changes) over time or that differs from
place to place or from person to person.
The Basics
What is the difference between a dependent variable and an independent variable?
We want to explain variation in a dependent variable using predictor or explanatory
variables (independent variables);
A focal association (X Y);
Exercise : What is an example of a focal associations in which sleep is a
dependent variable? And, what about a focal association in which sleep (quantity
or quality) is an independent variable?