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SOC205H1 Lecture Notes - Manicure, Anglo-Irish Big House, New Urbanism

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Lesley Kenny

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Lecture 8
Last Week
Globalization, neoliberal politics and the commodification of urban space, resulting in ,
And increase in world slums and shantytowns
Brief history of the ‘burbs
The new urbanism
Cars and suburbia
Pictures: a kid playing with a mock lawn machine in the suburb
Social reproduction of gender
Class values system (white)
Lawn is manicure to look after
Homogeneous of housing
No sidewalks
What / Where are the Suburbs?
According to Statistics Canada, defined by:
o Political/ municipal boundaries
o Distance from CBD
o Housing density (less density)
o Single-family housing
Hard to get into a mix use neighbourhood, design to waste space, to give a sense of community
Give Social pressure:
A sense of conformity
Competing (keeping with the Joneses?)
History of ‘Burbs
Changes in family structure, brought about by the industrial revolution
o Manufacturing home
Post IR, families became a place to focus on relationships, emotion, affection, etc.
Now time together was time away from work
IR: those who could afford to , moved away from dirty, smelly, crowded city centre
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