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24 Mar 2012
SOC312 MARCH 21, 2012
- Epid trans 3 periods
- Recently human made and degenative deaths
- What are the death rates birth and geowth rates
- Stage 3 aging
Mortality change 2
- Extensions of the epid trans
- Hybristic change new stage, chronic and cumaltival diseases,
- Array of drug resistant bacteria
- Pathogens
- Aids epidemic
- Rockstars die young in life and how many people in entrertanin die young
- Life style often differtn with certain occupation risk taking illegal d rugs
- Puzzling origins of aids
- Hypotheis where came from how came ans where
- Tainted polio vaccine
- Heart of darkness thesis
- Cut hunter hypothesis
- Frontline had 4 hrs on aids epidemic pbs show
Aging dynamics
- Lifespan
- Period birth and death
- Also at cohort level, average life expectancy at birth
- Maximum lifespan, highest death of pop is maximum observed lifespand, 122, 120 is net max
- Curve more rectangular, moving out to the right, rectangulaition, straight down, high proation
long time and then suddent death compression of mortality and mortlaty
- Rect of survival seen more and more wealthier countries, see everywhere to an extent
- Compression of morbitiy and mortality
- Compression penom
- Disabilities compressed to few ages near time of natural death
- Past century each new gen heatlier preceeding one, projections into future trying to argue how
much average age death increase, only approach max age of death about 85 and experience
disease biological limits
- Postpone chronic disease
- Compressed to shorter period at end of lifespan closer to the right
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- 4 measures of disability, live longer but in heatly satte
- Many ways think about disability, pewvalecen is how many, disability free expect how many
years not live with dis, and with different levels of severity, instrumental things must do then
optional walk up stairs providing assisted tech
- 4th disability adjusted life expectancy
Heatlt pasterns
- 3 improvement
- Western Europe in 18 hundreds and spread to erupope upper trend of life expectancy hoever
interrupted by 2 wars and depressioin
- Second wave progress in eastern and souther Europe
- 3rd more broader, mortality devling in develo0ing countries around ww2 some earlier
- Sunstantial improvement lots of money and improveemmnt
- 2nd half 2oth century convergence of rich and poor topics,
- Hans rosling, well known for visual presentation on TED
- One thing seen is poorer countries caight up on certain metrics child hood life expectancy
- Lots of variation and lots of variation within countries
- Data liberation most valuable info is being liberated different formats internet, open
programming models and spatial perspective, google maps creating applications showing
migrations and distribution of people through space and time
- See how vietnam how does treememdously well improving life expectancy
- Reflecting 3rd wave of mortality improvement
- Not only socioecomin advancements
- High achieving and be relatively poor page 285, some countries per capita not high sig life
expeactny have been obtain over short time, common features health achieving, societies for
women high status high ed and autonmy, determination to intervene in health in nutrition,
small pop, maintain cash export crops, weel established rral econ
- Aids epidemic in subsahran afric
- Figure 7.10
- 2004 cummalitive over time people living with hiv world region grown over the years, sub-
Saharan Africa, 20 to 30 mil, growth in asia and smaller rates of growth in latin and carribean
- Have moved different stage chronic diseases and compression but new age of infectious
communicable diseases and lots of inequality
- Medicines available but 25 million suffering huge problem something transmiteed basic
behaviours sex and other things blood contamination n
- 7.6
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