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Lecture 1

SOC364H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Meek Mill, Michelle Obama, Jadakiss

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Jooyoung Lee

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SOC364 Lecture 1 May 12 - Introduction
Ponder this...
What can Meek Mill and Jadakiss teach us about health disparities?
a theme about your choices in life & where it leads you to with what consequences
agency is constantly being challenged
differential social support;
poverty; constraining agency limiting the kind of options for people
health behaviour points towards the individual that the person is largely responsible for
their health; we can see this in the show "The Biggest Loser" - exercising agency over
their health
Individualism in Politics, too
also in politics and the kinds of programming that emerges about health & getting fit; ie.
'Lets Move' program by Michelle Obama which challenges young people to get out of
their house and take control of their health
Biomedicind: beyond disease
more holistic approach
Why Social Context Matters
Individual choices around health aren't made in a vacuum
Choices are shaped and constrained by culture, institutions, and larger structures
Holistic view of health
why certain problems are concentrated in different kind of communities
same patterns of who gets victimized are similarly patterned along race, class,
Education and other social factors
those with higher education have a higher exposure to opportunities
poor neighborhoods lead to poor schools & education with poor opportunities afterwards
leading you back to these poor neighborhoods
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