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Chapter 17-Health and Aging Feb 25 2009

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University of Toronto St. George
Sheldon Ungar

February 25 , 2009 New Society: Chapter 17- Health and Aging Challenging Commonsense Beliefs About Health and Aging N Global population of centenarians (those aged 100+) is about to increase from 250,000 today->3.7 million in 2050 N Most of these people will live in developed countries (ex: Canada) Individual and Population Aging N Today most CDNs are expected to live to old age (barring accidentswars) N Ppl can now expect to live 20 years longer than they would of in 1921 N Almost everyone can expect to live to old age (distinguishes our era from historical periods) N Never before in history did the vast majority of people in a particular country expect to live to old age N 4Z2:O9LJ0307,9L43,O1,2LOL08 J7,35,70398J70,9J7,35,7039809. th N Life Expectancy: the number of years that the average person can expect to live (increased steadily during 20 century) N Demography: a research area that studies the characteristics of populations and the dynamics of population change N Canada population= 13% elderly (65+) N Baby boomers reaching retirement N Increasing proportion of seniors= decreases in fertility, decline in mortality rates N 0,9K8L34O,J0:8:,OO708:O941.K743L.0J0307,9L;0L80,808 K0,79L80,808974N0.,3.0709. N Gender o Women= lower mortality rates for all causes of death than do elderly men (biologicalgendersocialeconomic factors) o The gender imbalance increases as everyone the older one becomes o Gender differential implications: Women likely to be widowed, not remarry= live alonenursing homes Be grandparents longer, have more age peers in the same situation Men= tend to die before their spouses Women= kinkeepers; men tend to rely on their wives for social connectedness N Other Sources of Diversity
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