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Chapter 18-Politics and Social Movements Mar 11 2009

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University of Toronto St. George
Sheldon Ungar

March 11 , 2009 Chapter 18: Politics and Social Movements Introduction N Power: the ability of an individual or group to impose its will on others, even if they resist N Authority: raw power N Authorities: people who occupy command posts of institutions N Social Movements: collective attempts to change part or all of the social order N Political Parties: organizations that seek to control state power N Normal Politics: politics practiced when authorities are firmly in power N Politics Beyond Rules: politics practiced when the legitimacy of authority grows weak N Political Revolution: concerted attempt by many people to overthrow political institutions and establish new ones Power From Above: Normal Politics N Force: coercive power by authorities N Force by authorities is a sign of weakness (if they truly possessed strength, their rule would be widely recognized as legitimate- they would not need to force their will, ppl would agree with their policies) N CDN politics= normal N State: set of institutions that formulate and carr4:9,.4:3978O,Z854OL.L08-L3L3J regulations- authority stands above all others N Civil Society: private sphere of life, also exercise control over the state through a variety of organizations and institutions N Pluralist Theory o Interpretation of the relationship between state and civil society o We live in a heterogeneous society w competing interestscentres of power o Because no one group of people is always able to control the political agenda o
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