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Chapter 19-Globalization Mar 18 2009

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Sheldon Ungar

March 18 , 2009 Chapter 19: Globalization Introduction N The Burger and Fries Go Global o Our food is Globalized o %7,;0O8O43JL89,3.089470,.K4:79,-O08 20,9;0J09,-O0809. o NA markets of fats food influences global eating o [41.8O4.,9L438Z47Odwide o 44L980O1.,3-0,110.90-JO4-,O0;0398L39O97,0,J7002039884.L,O24;0203982LJ7,9L431448.,708 N *O4-,OL],9L4347*O4-,O430 o Controversy of the definition of globalization o Globalization + baloney N Defining Globalization o Globalization: social, economic, political process that makes it easier for people, goods, ideas, capital, to travel around the world at an unprecedented pace (more quickly and efficiently than before) o Email, IM, telephones, web cams o Space-Time Compression: we are no longer slowed down by long distances o Virtual Communities: a pace where people can meet, share ideas build relationships across state borders without ever meeting them o Digital Divine: inequality in access to means of communication o History- world started to bec42082,OO07ZL9K9K0L3;039L43841890,2-4,9O4.4249L;090.K34O4JL08 N The Global and the Ethical o Globalization is not good or bad o Consequences of globalization affect humansenvironment o Ethical Debates Rose substantially after 911 Widening gap between rich and poor in global economy N Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up Globalization o Top Down: involves actions of groups promoting globalized capitalism and free trade; dominated by Neoliberal politics (associated w US globalization) o Neoliberalism: economic policies; free market economics; retreat from state interventionregulation; individual
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