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Robert Brym

Lecture 1 9/12/0120 - Around 1200 people commit suicide every year in Canada - Emile Durkheim Theory of Suicide 1 o Men commit 3 to 4 times of suicide then women o The nature of social relation = social solidarity o Social solidarity  It is determined by the frequency with which its members interact and the degree to which they share beliefs, values, and morals.  Suicide rate are lowest at intermediate levels of social solidarity and highest at low and high levels of social solidarity  Unmarried people are more likely to commit suicide then people who are married  The people who are more socially interactive are more likely to resist suicide  Why the rate of suicide varies in different categories of the population  Sociologists do not focus on the psychological perspective, rather they try to explain all the possible aspects by looking at the people social relations.  Altruistic suicide = do something good to help others than yourself  Egoistic and anomic suicide = Self-centered/selfish  To help prevent egoistic and anomic types of suicide we need to create a system of accessible, inexpensive, high quality day care for children. 
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