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Lecture 2

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Robert Brym

Lecture 2Culture9192012 Culture is the sum of socially transmitted ideas practices and material objects that people create to overcome reallife problems Culture gives us guidelines for how to act It is something that becomes shared only when we need Ex Steam engine Heros Aeolopile 100 ce o It was forgotten in the past but it was restablished many years latero It only becomes culture only when its a wide spread beliefEx The AtanasoffBerry Digital Computer circa 1939 o It wasnt popular once it was created until it was popular during the world war because it was used as a utility for war purposes Sociological understand of a culture is a difficult task because its hard to understand your own cultureWe tend to be blind of our culture Ethnocentrism involves judging another culture exclusively by the standards of ones ownOthers might thing other cultures are rational Cultural relativism is the belief that all elements of all cultures should be respected as equally valid Cliterectomy All procedures of removing female genitalia whether for cultural reasons This is very commonly in summed in Afric
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