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Matthias Koenig

SOC355Y1 Structural Analysis Tuesday September 14, 2010 Things you already know: Sociologists study the social world from different perspectives Perspectives - also called paradigms and sometimes compared to lenses shape questions, concepts and methods Social network analysis- like paradigms such as functionalism SOC200 you learned about research methods- underlying theme: assumptions we make about the world (paradigms theories) affect what researchers methods are appropriate to the question we ask. Social network analysis has fitting methods and assumptions, argue that it is not about types of people but about people in different positions Todays Outline --The course in context What makes structural analysis different? - They argue it is not about types of people, attributes but rather peoples position in a social structure. The social structure is the pattern of relations between people. Therefore if you do something it is not about attributes or age or sex but rather about how you are a person with particular relations with others. The attributes do matter though because women tend to be in different network positions than men. Women have more kin based networks while men have more work based networks. As women and men marry, women pull more kin into network and less work based ties. Thus a pattern of relations and not gender itself that causes differences. - Relations matter (to social network analysts) - Statistics- always start with a sample estimate probability of something being true. Therefore
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